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When people start up businesses, it is always with a passion and an expertise in what they do. However...

...the expertise are usually not in areas to do with Marketing, which in our biased opinion, can be the make or break of any business. All businesses involve some element of Marketing but this can often be unintentional and not necessarily a strategy. Business owners are experts in


their chosen product or service and we are here to help with the Marketing side of things. There is no element of Marketing that our team have not come across or tackled before as we have vast experience in the basic stuff right through to the more technical and advanced areas.


Marketing advice need not be expensive as sometimes businesses need to adopt very simple things in order to improve and this can take just an hour or so. Even small things can make a huge difference to generating new business and therefore profits.

Press Relations

As we have spent many years in Marketing at various sizes of business from small right through to global companies we have a great deal of experience in writing insightful and attractive press releases and copy. We have prepared articles for local newspapers and also dealt with the likes of 'The Daily Telegraph', 'The Guardian' and 'The Times' but also non-printed media such as Sky Sports and the BBC on many occasions.


Interesting and well-written editorial is vital in order to capitalise on what is effectively free advertising for your business in the press. To put it bluntly, Journalists are just like everyone else and if a story is written for them then this is inevitably more likely to get into their newspaper than one they have to start from scratch. Advertisements in newspapers are becoming less and less effective as print media sales


have declined over the years and so it has become even more important to write good press releases about your business. These press releases are increasingly featured online but still need to be interesting and well constructed. Websites, leaflets and in fact all promotional material needs good copy and we can provide that service too.

Further Case Studies by The Design Store

We have worked on numerous web and print design jobs both for local and national companies.
Further case studies of our work can be viewed below.

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About us

The Design Store is situated in Montgomeryshire, Powys, mid Wales and in the short time we have been in business we have worked for clients all over the UK and you can view our portfolio above to see the very wide variety of projects we have worked on. CD Cover and inserts, exhibition stands, greetings cards, fliers, brochures and of course several websites.

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